Friday, February 10, 2012

Office Desk

This week we sent off our plans for the office built-in desk to Dave's carpenter friends at Windsor Plywood.

The base of the desk will be two white shaker-style cabinets. Each side will have two small drawers and a deep bottom drawer. The deep drawer will be for filing on one side and house the printer on a pull-out on the other. 

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Via Aubrey and Lindsay

The carpenters at Windsor Plywood are going to build us the drawer units and then we will install them and do all the trim work. I would love to say we built the drawers our self but then it would probably never get done - and besides we will still be able to say we built the bench in the front entry.

For the top of the desk, we will be using the only original six-panel door that was remaining in the house when we bought it. By some miracle it had remained as the door to the basement despite the rest of the doors in the house being replaced with cheap hollow particle board doors. We restored it several years ago and had a custom glass top cut to use as my craft table. We were quite pleased when we noticed that it happens to be (almost) the perfect dimensions to fit in the recess created by the chimney.

In a couple weeks we may be able to move the office out of the spare bedroom and back into the office. I can hardly wait!



I know the Thursday deadline for the fireplace has already passed... our decision you ask?  That we are unable to make a decision!

We have decided that neither of us are in love with the brick but have been unable to find a tile we agree on either. So the search continues...


  1. i love built ins. your desk will look great next to that brick.


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