Monday, February 6, 2012

Asian Adventure: Day 31 Delhi

After a leisurely breakfast, we caught the metro towards Chandi Chowk and the Red Fort. The Red Fort was a massive complex of white stone building surrounded by an impressive red stone wall. As we wandered the grounds we began to notice that the locals kept sneaking photos and videos of us and following us around.

From the Red Fort we wandered our way through the crowded market streets towards Jama Masjid Mosque stopping to sample the street food along the way.

The mosque was a huge red stone complex set on a rise overlooking the Red Fort and the streets below. It is the largest in India and can hold 25,000 worshipers! In order to enter the mosque all foreign women had to wear a long colourful moo-moo. This time the locals were much more forward and several people asked us to pose in their family photos or with their friends. Although we had no clue why - apparently we are celebrities in India!

After the mosque we went to the famous Karim's eatery for lunch.

Re-fueled, we attempted to explore the market streets surrounding Chandi Chowk but being Sunday most of the shops were closed so we headed back to the metro and made the journey south to Humayan's tomb.

Humayan's Tomb is a huge green oasis hidden within a large red stone wall with the towering domed mosoleum in the centre. We hung around until sunset enjoying the peaceful grounds filled with the sounds of the qawwali singers in the distance.

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