Friday, February 17, 2012

And the Winner is...

After much debate we have finally commited ourselves to something to go inside the fireplace mantle.

It was not an easy process....

We both quickly decided we were not in love with the red brick. At one point I may have even suggested we install the red brick and paint it either white or black - Dave just laughed, called me crazy and reminded me that this whole process had started with a painted brick mantle!

We hauled home dozens of tile samples but could not even come close to agreeing on one - Dave was drawn to the green ceramic tiles, I was drawn to the neutral glass mosaic tiles. Both of us were extremely hesitant about any significant amount of grout.

Thinking that we were never going to reach a concenus, I remembered that there was a third category of photos I had collected on pinterest... so I showed Dave the photos and instantly he agreed.

The winner?

Drum roll please....

Via Green Mountain Soapstone

We are having Dauter Stone cut a peice of soapstone to match the soapstone hearth we got from them back in the summer. Not the cheapest option we could have gone with but we should know by now that we never choose the cheapest option...

Now we are having second throughts about painting the mantle white.... but that is just paint... I can change my mind on paint as many times as I am willing to re-paint!
Black Mantle via Pinterest

 PS This now means we have about 100 peices of brick veneer available to a good home.

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