Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Avery {9 months}

{9 months}

Sorry for the lack of good photos this month.... apparently we were busy and did not take our usual thousand photos... what we did get was mostly taken with my iPhone. It also does not help that I am writing this post on the laptop from a cabin in Tofino with a spotty internet connection...


Avery doesn't have his next doctor's appointment for a couple of weeks but seems to be weighing in between 18 and 20 lbs in our attempts to weigh him on the scale at home.

He has now outgrown the majority of the 6 month clothing... except for GAP jeans. I have mostly moved to 12 month shirts simply because they are easier to get over his large head! He is in size 3 shoes.


Food continues to be one of Avery's favourite things. 

He has now grown aware of when and what others around him are eating. If he sees someone eating, he excitedly gestures that he wants some. On the ferry to Tofino, he saw a lady near us eating sweet potato fries and kept pointing at them... much to our chagrin she actually offered one to him!

On the flip side he also has started to want to share his food. He is constantly offering up taste of his slobbery pre-chewed food for others to try.

He is also learning that he has a captive audience at the dinner table and loves to show off his vocabulary align with his skills of spitting and throwing...

Favourite Foods: fish, egg, tomatoes, oranges, grapes


Avery is not yet walking but can stand without holding onto anything for short periods of time.

His vocabulary is growing daily and he loves to babble. He is getting very close to real words. He is making consistent attempts at saying 'mama', 'dada', 'bye-bye' and 'more'. He is also getting proficient with the few signs we have taught him... 'all done', 'more', and 'food'. 

He now has two bottom teeth!


His sleeping has dramatically improved this month! When it got to the point that he was waking up three or more times at night, we got desperate and implemented a modified 'sleep training' program. Not being able to commit to letting him cry it out, I simply stopped breastfeeding him at night and only went to him briefly to comfort him and offer him a soother. After only one night he slept from 6:30 PM till 5:00 AM, had a brief feed then went back to sleep until 8 AM. He has been doing this pretty consistently ever since. 


Avery is growing to become more and more of a ham. He thrives in public settings where he is on constant look-out for people willing to pay him attention.

He loves being around other children. Especially older children - he will sit and study them with extreme intensity then suddenly burst out laughing when he decides they have done something funny.

He is still fearless and constantly moving. He loves jumping, climbing and dancing. He has no concept of gravity. One of the most common words used to describe him is "busy".

Much to our surprise, however, he appears to have a reasonable attention span and can sit for amazing periods of time studying a toy or book. He is very mechanically minded. He is constantly exploring every latch, lever and switch he can get his hands on. 

Likes: being outdoors, showers, baths, trees, wind, food, swimming, being the centre of attention, being loud, animals, music, musical instruments

Dislikes: getting dressed, sitting still

Nicknames: clown, monkey, monster, mister, small pants, small potato, little man


PS. Taking these photos has become a two person job...

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