Thursday, February 2, 2012


Tuesday we had our final electrical inspection... or what we thought would be our final electrical inspection.

After double checking all of the plugs, lights and smoke detectors, an emergency run to Home Depot to buy an extra breaker and having to rewire the furnace and hot water heater at the last minute since they some how ended up on the same circuit - we thought we were ready.

Nope. We FAILED.

The inspector said everything looked amazing, that Dave and my dad had done fantastic work and everything was in order.

So why did we fail?

A change to the Canadian Electrical Code requiring that ALL plugs not designated for appliances or kitchen counters be tamper-resistant.

We had a copy of the Electrical Code Simplified 2006 to 2010. We had caught a previous update to the Canadian Electrical Code requiring that all plugs in bedrooms have to be tamper-resistant and on an AFCI (arc-fault circuit interrupter) breaker. But we never  thought to check to see if the Electrical Code changed during the course of our renovation. Lesson learnt.

So now we need to replace all of the plugs in our living room, dining room, hallways, basement and office, re-apply for our electrical permit (since we left the inspection until the last minute and our previous permit expired yesterday) and go through the electrical inspection all over again.

And we better do it soon because there is a new Electrical Code due out later this year...



  1. oh, amy. that blows. boo. i'm going through a similar (okay, not really, but an inspection situation thingy) on a place in south florida and it's frustrating (and expensive!). anyway, i feel your pain.


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