Friday, May 30, 2014

Avery {4 months}

I am finally caught up! Only two weeks late! Hopefully from now on I can keep up with monthly postings.

{4 months}


We have not gotten an official weight since his 3 month appointment but know that he is definitely packing on the pounds. On the bathroom scale, he weighs in at just over 14 lbs! Our scrawny little newborn has morphed into a baby with chubby cheeks, arm and leg rolls and dimples on his hands and elbows.

Within one month he outgrew all of his Newborn sized clothes and has almost outgrown his 0-3 Month sized outfits. 


Avery still sleeps a solid 12 hours every night. He is typically in bed by 6 PM and then is up in the morning between 6 AM and 8 AM. He typically still wakes up twice to feed but has gone a couple nights with only a single feed around 2 AM. Every once in awhile he likes to surprise us by waking up at 5 AM...

Naps are still all over the place. Although he has developed a consistent habit of going down for a nap with in two hours of waking up in the morning. We usually take fully advantage of this nap for at least one of us to go back to bed for a nap ourselves.


Avery continues to be impressively strong. He can stand with very little assistance. He loves his excersaucer even though he can barely reach the ground with his feet. We are getting excited for him to be able to use a jolly jumper soon.

He still dislikes tummy time but is getting better at it. He has started to work on rolling from back to front. He makes it about 3/4 of the way over and then rolls back. I think it is because he remembers that he doesn't like being on his tummy...


Avery has the best laugh and smiles. There is nothing more rewarding then when he sees one of us and his face lights up. Or when you are able to get him into a fit of giggles with tickles or raspberries.

He is constantly studying the world with his blue eyes wide open (often forgetting to blink while he is at it...). He loves watching the world from the window, or even better, being outdoors, especially amongst the trees.

Planning our next vacation... he picked Argentina...

Likes: the bath, being naked, walks, being outside, singing songs, airplane rides, standing, Mylo the cat

Dislikes: tummy time, bottles, 30 C+ weather, sitting still, face washes from Jersey


Avery went on his first plane ride! We took him to San Francisco to visit with David's university roommate Eric, his wife Yuko and their one year old son Christofer. Avery's first "international play date" as the border service agent described it! I will do a detailed post on our trip soon.


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Monday, May 26, 2014

Avery {3 months}

{3 months}


At his 3 month appointment he weighed in at a whopping 11 lbs 8 oz!!! He has sailed up to the 25th percentile on the growth chart. He has now outgrown almost all of his Newborn sized clothes and is wearing mostly 0-3 Month sized outfits. 

Great Grandma

Airplane rides


Avery is still a good sleeper. He is typically in bed between 6 PM and 7 PM, wakes up twice to feed and then is up in the morning between 6 AM and 8 AM.

Naps are pretty irregular however. Some days he will take 2 hour power naps and other days you are lucky if he takes a 30 minute cat nap.


Avery still hates tummy time but thankfully seems to have no problem with the skills associated with tummy time. He can roll from front to back and can push himself up on his arms.

He has really started to babble over the last little while. He has quite the vocabulary of sounds and can get quite vocal at times. He is not a quiet baby!

Hoppy Easter


He has been maintaining his routine of eating every 3 hours. We have started to try to introduce the occasional bottle but he is not a huge fan.


Sometimes I think the best word to describe Avery is 'intense'. He is not a passive baby.

When he is happy, he is constantly moving and talking. He can spend up to 45 minutes lying on his play mat kicking his legs and babbling. He studies everything with his huge blue eyes.

When he is not happy he will let you know. He has an uncanny ability to cry crocodile tears on command - especially when you sit down with him. He has to be moving at all times, which means you have to be moving!

Eww dog kisses

Likes: the bath, being naked, walks, singing songs, Lamaze Mortimer Moose and Sir Prance-a-lot

Dislikes: tummy time, bottles


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Friday, May 23, 2014

Avery {2 months}

{2 months}


At his six week appointment he weighed 8 lbs 3 oz and at his two month vaccines he weighed in at 9 lbs 3 oz. Avery is growing but still rocking it at the bottom of the growth chart.

He is finally starting to fill out Newborn sized clothes!

Great grandparents

Four generations

Avery is continuing to be a great sleeper. Once he is down for the night he sleeps right till morning. He is still waking every three hours to feed but goes right back down to sleep. A couple nights he has even stretched it out up to six hours.



He still has a strong hatred for tummy time and it has motivated him to learn to roll from front to back quite quickly. By six weeks he was pretty consistent at rolling over if placed on his stomach. Unfortunately it does not help with the tummy time battle.


He has been maintaining his routine of eating every 3 hours. We have started to try to introduce the occasional bottle but he is not a huge fan.

First road trip - Tofino!

Aunty Lana

Avery went on his first road trip at six weeks. We drove out to Tofino so he could meet his Aunty Lana and then spent a few days in Vancouver with his Grandparents. He was a champion traveller - sleeping the majority of the 15 hour drive to Vancouver when an avalanche closed the Coquihalla Highway forcing us to take the long route. He enjoyed walks on the beach despite the rainy weather and even let us enjoy all of our favourite Tofino restaurants.


Avery is definitely starting to show his personality! He is not a passive baby. He never stops moving. He needs to be active and entertained. He is not a cuddly baby. He dislikes sitting and loves to face outwards to see the world.

Aunty Christine

Likes: the bath, being swaddled, walks, listening to stories especially The Gruffalo, kicking his legs on his play mat or change pad, listening to people blow raspberries or clicking their tongues

Uncle Shane

Dislikes: tummy time


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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

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