Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Avery {7 months}

{7 months}


At his 6 month appointment Avery weighed in at 17 lbs and was 26" tall. Almost triple his birth weight! 

He is at a weird stage right now where he could still be wearing 3 month shorts if it was not for his cloth diapers but needs 9 month shirts in order to fit over his huge head! His Size 1 Applecheek diapers are starting to get pretty tight around his chunky thighs so we have started to put him in Size 2 diapers at night.


Avery LOVES food. 

We have not found many foods that he does not devour if they are put in front of him. He loves salmon, hummus, peaches, plums, steak, roast potatoes, roast vegetables... He still seems to be sensitive to dairy which is a shame because he really likes cheese and yogurt. 

We are still following the philosophy of Baby Led Weaning - it can get pretty messy but it is so rewarding to watch him experience and enjoy food. He can sit through an entire dinner feeding himself. Sometimes he is still not done eating when we are ready to leave the table! 


This month Avery had his first trip to the splash park and he attended his first birthday party. He has tired a long list of new foods. Including expresso ice cream thanks to his grandparents! At 10 PM that night he was still wide awake and giggling!


This month has been quite the month for milestones! At the beginning of the month he figured out how to crawl backwards. A couple weeks later he has figured out how to go forward as well. He is still very awkward with the forward crawl - often it looks closer to a bear walk or shoulder roll. He is constantly getting himself stuck in corners or under furniture!

Avery has also mastered sitting up on his own. Not that he spends much time sitting!

He loves to have his hand held so he can walk around the room.


Avery continues to go to bed between 6:00 and 7:00 PM. On a good night he wakes up once between 3 AM and 5:00 AM to feed and then sleeps in till 8:00 AM. We have had a couple mornings where he has slept in till 9:30 or later. This kid loves to sleep! 

He still typically takes a 90 minutes nap around 9:30 AM. His afternoon nap is pretty inconsistent.


Avery's personality is infectious. His blue eyes and big smiles attract constant attention. He loves to flirt! 

He is a goof. He has learnt to make a 'monkey face' that he knows will get him laughs. He has the best giggles.

He continues to love to be outdoors. He loves to play in the grass in the backyard and splash in the river when we walk the dogs. We took him hiking in Grotto Canyon and he was so excited by the rock walls that he was gasping and giggling. Dave was quite excited to think he might have a future rock climbing partner!

He loves animals. He is enamoured with Scout, Jersey and Mylo. He loves watching the birds in the feeder outside of our front window. He laughs at the ducks in the river. 

Likes: being outdoors, showers, baths, trees, wind, FOOD especially anything he can eat with a spoon, his wooden train and wooden dog, playing with kitchen utensils on the floor while mom cooks, watching cartoons with dad

Dislikes: getting dressed, being ignored, naps, sitting still

Nicknames: baby pterodactyl, chubs, bump, triple chin, monkey, mighty mouse, thunder thighs, monster


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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Oh Romeo, Oh Romeo

I am only about a year late posting about this... but hey... late is better then never!

Last spring we finally installed the last piece to make our house look like our inspiration for the renovation (and put our families concerns about someone falling from the second floor doorway to rest...) - the Juliette balcony!

We had the balcony railing custom made, powder coated and installed by AJ Wrought Iron. They were a pleasure to deal with. They took my collection of internet photos and managed to translate them into exactly what I had pictured. They had made a slight error on the measurements when they went to install the railing the first time but with no hesitation took the railing back, remade it and returned to install the corrected railing within a matter of days.

We still need to paint the kitchen french doors and windows black but

Hardly the same house :)



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