Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tile ♥

I have been telling Dave for a long time that we simply do not have enough surfaces in our house to tile. I would love to find a place for these fantastic mosaics.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Writing on the Wall

Seems like all of our progress lately is on paper... sketches of the exterior house, quotes for siding the house, sketches of the front entry wainscoting and storage bench... however we have managed to make a little progress in the front entrance.

We started by combining all of our inspiration for wainscoting into a little wall art. No better way to visualize the final product then to just draw it straight on the wall! Plus who can pass up the opportunity to do something you had been told not to your entire youth...

Drawing the wainscoting on the wall actually turned out to be quite useful - the 62" height we had initially picked out hit the windows at an awkward point in relation to the rails and stiles. So we have decided to make the wainscoting 2" taller so the top band is centered on the window rails.

From all of our inspiration for storage benches, we decided we wanted to copy the detailing on the bench we saw in the Victoria Cross show home.

Dave has made good progress on the base of the bench and is now experimenting with router bits to build the drawers. 

We are hoping to have the entry ready for paint by the end of this week. It will nice to finally have somewhere to store shoes other than in a pile in the hallway... Scout is already making good use of the bench!


PS Hop on over to Playing with Food to check out the progress in the garden (and another cute dog photo).

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Etsy Finds

I am the first to admit I am addicted to Etsy. Having a whole house to decorate does not help my addiction, however recently it has produced two fantastic purchases.

First, two prints from Big Ant for Dave's mountain inspired office.

And a vintage fan from Retro Groovie to make up for the lack of the ceiling fan in the master bedroom.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Break from our Feature Programing

We took some time away from the house this weekend and took the gods out for the first hike of the season - Nahahi Ridge in Kananaskis.


Still a little bit of snow on the ground...


Friday, May 20, 2011

Money in the Mail

We received our first cheque for the ecoEnergy Retrofit Program in the mail today!

The cheque included the $100 rebate for completing our follow-up assessment and a $1968.75 rebate from the Government of Alberta for improving the insulation.

We are a little confused if the insulation rebate is the amount we qualified for out of the $2565 maximum rebate or if we will still be receiving more from the federal government... the auditor warned us that the money would come in several cheques and the level of communication in the program is a little lacking.

However we are still ecstatic - the renovation is finally starting to pay off!


A House is not a Home

Via Design Sponge


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday at the Show Homes

Since the overcast weather overrode our gardening plans, we found ourselves spending this afternoon visiting the new Victoria Cross development on the Currie Barracks. We were sent there by a contractor to look at potential siding options for our house but couldn't resist the opportunity to take in a couple of the show homes while in the neighborhood.

Although we will not be buying one of these homes anytime soon (starting at $690k for a townhome or $860k for detached home), they did turn out to be a source of useful inspiration.

We discovered two new potential designs for the bench in our front entry - the first bench is actually the current front runner for our own bench design.

And a unique catch system for double closet doors using recessed magnets - much smarter the traditional ball or roller catch.

And of course the siding options we originally set out for.

 A very productive grey Sunday afternoon!


Friday, May 13, 2011

Lily Pad

For those who have been wondering how the rainbow of paint chips fits into my white decorating scheme...

We previously had a pale yellow cabinet that provided the only storage for the upstairs bathroom. The colour seemed a little lost in the new bathroom so I headed to the paint aisle in search of some inspiration. I may have gone a little overboard...

I was leaning towards a raspberry or coral colour but David vetoed any shades of pink (I will find a room to decorate with pink yet!). We quickly narrowed down the choices to two shades, both from the Martha Stewart Living paint line: Hosta, a deep blue-green, and Lily Pad, a jade green. Since we already have blue in the office, we settled on Lily Pad.

Lily Pad

A couple coats of paint later and the cabinet went from pale yellow to bright green! I kept the yellow on the inside of the cabinet for a little contrast.

Since the old bathroom mirror broke in the move, we decided it would worthwhile to incorporate a little more storage in the form of a medicine cabinet. We found a white medicine cabinet at Home Depot with similar details to the first cabinet, treated it with a couple coats of Lily Pad paint and... 

Viola! Two steps closer to the bathroom being complete!

Unfortunately we were so excited about our new larger shower enclosure it never dawned on us to check that it still fit with the cabinet. The shower rod now hangs almost six inches past the cabinet.

At least the shower rod is adjustable but it means we will have to patch the drywall and repaint. We are  both in agreement that we might procrastinate on this for a little while...


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Entry Storage Inspiration

We do not have any closets on our main floor, so we have been searching for creative ways to create storage in the front entry. Ideally we would like to work it into a bench under the front window.

Kitchen contemporary kitchen
Amber Interior Design

Monday, May 9, 2011

Progress: What Progress?

It has been three weeks since we moved home and it feels like the renovation has ground to a complete hault...

We have been making progress... but it is all small (un-photo-worthy) tasks to make the house more livable.

Hanging bathroom accessories, hanging doors, installing closets shelves, fixing the dishwasher (thankfully only a $30 valve), evicting unwanted house guests (thankfully moved out)... and a lot of cleaning!

We have a couple big projects in the planning stages so hopefully we will be back up to full renovation speed in the near future.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

ecoENERGY Retrofit Program Rating

In our original assessment, our house was given an EnerGuide rating of 29, mostly due to the fact that our house was almost completely uninsulated.

If we completed the list of recommended improvements, the evaluator predicted that we could improve the rating of our house from 29 to 70. We completed the follow up assesement in February and last week we received an official EnerGuide sticker stating that our house now has an EnerGuide rating of 70.

We were actually surprised that we received a rating of 70 since we did not complete all of the recommendations on the list, especially a few major items like insulating the basement (actually makes us skeptical of the validity of the whole assessment scheme beyond a federal government employment scheme...)

We still are waiting to see how much we will get back in rebates. If my dealings with the federal government at work are any indication, this weeks election will have us waiting a long time to see our cheques...

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