Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Taste of Summer

Find the recipe here.


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Monday, August 20, 2012

Mailman Approval

Throughout our renovation we have had a bit of a rocky relationship with our mailmen. You can't completely blame them since they have been having to search for the mailbox's ever changing location for the past year. For the past month or so they have resorted to simply throwing the mail onto the front step not even bothering to search for the mail box...

So when we received this note scribbled on the back of an envelope last week, it was pretty rewarding...

It is a pretty cool mail box if I do say so myself!


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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sneak Peak

I know there has been a general lack of renovation posts and photos lately. I can't even really say that it has been that we have been taking time off to enjoy the summer... we have only made it on one backcountry camping trip so far...

We (especially Dave) have been working hard around the house... but unfortunately caulking siding and touching up paint doesn't exactly make for exciting blog posts...

Here is a sneak peak of a few of the more exciting projects we have been tackling...

Hopefully I should have some more detailed posts soon...


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

30th Birthday Celebration

David has always disliked his birthday since it typically almost forgotten - we are either apart, away from home or he is working.

So I figured his 30th birthday was a good one to change traditions.

On Friday we took advantage of our freshly landscaped yard and invited our family and friends over for a bar-b-que. Of course I was too busy hosting/visiting to remember to take any photos but thankfully I managed to hand off the camera to our friend Dave in time to capture the birthday cake.

Since Dave's dad had flown out from Vancouver for the celebration, we took the opportunity to go for a family hike on Saturday and headed out to Mount Indefatigable in Kananaskis. Despite a forecast for rain, we were treated to a beautiful day and breathtaking views.

Overall it was a fantastic weekend and I am happy to report that Dave thoroughly enjoyed his birthday for once.


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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Happy Birthday David

Happy 30th Birthday to the best adventure partner a girl could ever ask for.


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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sarah Look for a Thrift Store Price

In Sarah 101 Episode 13 "Cool Bachelor Loft", Sarah Richardson transformed a bland loft into a colourful, eclectic space. For lighting, Sarah used vintage warehouse pendants she found at an antique store.

via HGTV

via HGTV

via HGTV

via HGTV

Well right now you can steal Sarah's look with these two industrial lighting fixtures from the Habitat for Humanity Restore in Calgary. For only $50!

Unfortunately they do not quite fit into my design scheme...
Via Restore

As Sarah pointed out, the industrial pendants are designed for much higher lighting levels than a typical house fixture and may need to be converted to take standard light bulbs. These fixtures are listed at 270 W - five times the wattage typical household light bulb!

For more of Sarah 101, check out the shopping guide and episode gallery or watch the full episode online.


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Back to the List

Since all progress on the inside of the house has stopped with the start of summer, more landscaping projects have been added to the list but thankfully we have managed to cross a lot off... at this point I would be happy for the list to stop growing...

"To Do"
  • Install bathroom door
  • Install trim around vent pipe in bathroom
  • Paint interior doors
  • Paint inner front door
  • Install closet doors, everywhere
  • Install door hardware, everywhere
  • Install powder room window and hardware
  • Install stair railing
  • Complete drywall in linen closet
  • Install linen closet shelves
  • Build Install office shelves
  • Paint Build office desk
  • Build spare bedroom desk
  • Paint front entrance
  • Complete front entrance bench
  • Get front door and dining room windows repaired
  • Install crown moulding on main floor
  • Install baseboard on main floor
  • Paint main floor walls and trim
  • Complete fireplace mantel
  • Install gas insert in fireplace
  • Paint windows
  • Touch-up paint, everywhere
  • Remove and replace siding, on the entire house
  • Replace eavestroughs
  • Rebuild front steps
  • Complete furnace inspection
  • Build concrete patio and sidewalk
  • Complete french drains for the eavestroughs
  • Complete raised flower beds in the front yard
  • Fix raised flower bed in back yard
  • Complete irrigation system
  • Build bike shed
  • Complete electrical inspection again
  • Fill nail holes in hardwood floors
  • Complete trim on exterior of house
  • Complete brick on front steps
  • Complete concrete edges on front steps
  • Install mail box
  • Install juliette balcony railing
  • Replace all the plugs with tamper proof plugs
  • Install return air vents
  • Install hooks in the main entrance
  • Install bathroom fixtures in powder room
  • Install blinds in spare bedroom
  • Install dining room light fixture
  • Complete shingles on roof


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Century Homes Calgary: Our Street

As I mentioned, this past week we have been participating in the Century Homes Calgary celebration.
As part of Historic Calgary Week, July 27 to August 6, the Century Homes Calgary project celebrates the large number of homes built during Calgary's first building boom in 1912. Homeowners and residents were encouraged to unearth the stories behind their houses and display them on lawn signs. The participating homes are posted on the website to allow citizens to take self-guided walking tours of communities with century old homes.

I researched the history of our home - which included a connection to a murder mystery! - which I captured the story on our lawn sign along with photographs of the house through out the years.

It has been fun to watch everyone walk by, read our sign and appreciate our cute little house!

I had intended to capture the stories of the houses on my street to share on the blog but unfortunately life and work got in the way and I have barely had time to enjoy them for myself let alone blog about them...

However, I do have one small piece of history left to share... the Calgary Public Library posted a historic postcard of 13 Avenue - our street!

Via Calgary Public Library

Although this particular stretch is about 12 blocks east of our house, it gives a great perspective of what the neighbourhood looked like for the original residents. The towering canopy trees we love so much are only miniscule saplings. What a difference 100 years makes!

The City of Calgary is actually starting the process of restoring 13 Avenue into the 13 Avenue Heritage Greenway. I am excited to see the changes the program has instore.


30 before 30: Update

Dave's birthday is only a couple days away so I thought I better check to see how we are doing on our 30 before 30 lists...

We are off to a slow start but hopefully will be gaining momentum soon!

Amy's List
  1. Complete a sewing project
  2. Learn how to do basic graphic design and programing for my blogs
  3. Create and print a photo album from our wedding (only four years late)
  4. Try CrossFit
  5. Take a cake decorating class
  6. Run in a race
  7. Volunteer
  8. Do a full moon hike/ski
  9. Dress up and go on a date with Dave
  10. Have a Mom/Daughter day
  11. Own something from Tiffany's
  12. Learn how to use the camera in manual mode
  13. Read Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility
  14. Attend a Pecha Kucha presentation
  15. Participate in our Community Association
  16. Host a dinner party
  17. Throw Dave an amazing birthday party
  18. Complete a painting
  19. Attempt glacier travel
  20. Make it to the top of one of the 11,000ers
  21. Try meditation
  22. Eat strictly paleo for 30 days 
  23. Buy bike and a) ride to work b) go on a road ride
  24. Buy myself perfume
  25. Visit a museum or gallery
  26. Watch a foreign movie with subtitles
  27. Go to a concert
  28. Paint pottery
  29. Build or refinish a piece of furniture
  30. Go on a trip with my best friend Lana who turns 30 two weeks after me

David's List
  1. Make sausage
  2. Cure meat
  3. Build a bar-b-que and/or smoker in the backyard
  4. Finish the house 
  5. Complete firearm handling course
  6. Learn how to hunt
  7. Learn how to skin and butcher an animal
  8. Try yoga
  9. Try meditation
  10. Lead a 5.9 trad climbing route
  11. Hike at least one portion of the Great Divide Trail
  12. Complete/challenge the EMT license
  13. Complete Advanced Life Support Instructor training
  14. Go on a backcountry camping trip with just a tarp (no tent)
  15. Go on a winter camping trip with Shane
  16. Go on a ski tour trip with Shane and Dad
  17. Go on a canoe trip
  18. Make a fly for fly fishing
  19. Summit a mountain with Dad
  20. Print and frame one of our photos
  21. Cook Amy an unforgettable meal
  22. Make a piece of furniture
  23. Enter a ski mountaineering race 
  24. Start an adventure blog of my own
  25. Volunteer
  26. Eat strictly paleo for 30 days
  27. Complete in the Crossfit games
  28. Learn how to wax and sharpen skis
  29. Start a backyard bee hive
  30. Build and use my own backcountry equipment

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