Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Progress - Day 100

I feel like we should celebrate. Surviving 100 days of renovation with out any major arguments, injuries or disasters (knock on wood) seems like a momentous occasion. Unfortunately Dave is working tonight...

In the end Powderface redeemed itself and looked much more white once all the walls were painted. I guess I have to admit that Dave was right on this one. After 7 days and 20 gallons of paint we are finally done painting the walls. Now we get to start painting doors and trim...

We had originally ordered our bathroom tile from the Home Depot but when it arrived the chair rail and pencil peices looked more honed than polished. So after hauling all of it home, we got to haul it all back to the Home Depot and then headed online to re-order it from the ebay seller - Marble Outlet - who we bought the kitchen tile from. The second batch of tile arrived last week - thankfully with a beautiful polished finish - and Dave plans to start installing it tomorrow.

We seem to be speeding right along into finishing! Hopefully we can keep it up!


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