Monday, January 3, 2011

Looking Back at 2010

I always look back in the New Year with the feeling that the previous year passed in the blink of the eye. I always chalk it up to the fact that we live boring lives but on retrospect maybe it is because we live busy lives. 2010 was definitely a busy year for us.

We began the year with several memorable ski touring adventures including a trip to Asulkan Hut in Rogers Pass.  

We experimented with making cheese at home. We tried recipes for goat cheese, cream cheese, brie, blue cheese and mozzarella. Definitely takes patience but the results are yummy! 
David and Ted completed their Avalanche Level 2 course at Dezaicho Lodge near Prince George, then I joined them for a ski tour trip in Sugarbowl-Grizzly Den Park.

In April Jersey decided to see if she could fly and broke her pelvis falling off a 20' cliff. She ended up needing to have surgery to screw her pelvis back together but was up running again in two weeks. She is one tough cookie!

I left David behind and hoped on a flight down-under to visit Lana and Renee in Sydney, Australia. Lana and I then headed to Fiji for 10 days in paradise.

With the start of summer we moved into the back yard, expanding and planting our vegetable garden and building rock borders for the flower gardens.

July saw the start of hiking season including a three day trip across Ball and Whistling Passes with Dave and Crystal.

We piled into the car, along with Shane, Nick and Brian and the two dogs, for a 6000 km long road trip to Yukon and Alaska. The highlights were visits to Lussier Hotspring, hiking in Kluane National Park, a scenic flight to Mount Logan and hiking the Chilkoot Trail from Skagway, Alaska to Caracross, BC.

David and Gail headed south for a climbing adventure in Yosemite while I spent the majority of the month in Rogers Pass completing a structural inspection of the snow shed structures.

We spent the Thanksgiving weekend in Panorama for Chantell and Scott's wedding. We took the opportunity to enjoy some hiking and 4x4-ing. The following weekend we packed up, moved out and began tearing apart our house.

The majority of the last two months have been devoted to the renovation (and blogging about the renovation)

Neither David and I are big into New Years Resolutions, or planning ahead for that matter, but 2011 is already shaping up to be a year of big goals. 
It will be interesting to look back next New Years Eve to see how many become reality.


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