Sunday, January 23, 2011

Seeing White

Dave made fantastic progress with the painting this week - the entire house is primed and all of the ceilings are painted. But now we have run into a hiccup... 

We had intended to paint the entire house the same wall and trim colour we used in the kitchen two years ago and LOVE - General Paint's Powderface (CLW 1034W) and Mosquito Pass (CLW 1041W).

However, the white that looks like this in the kitchen (ignore the mid-renovation picture):

Looks like this in the rest of the house:

Ok, so maybe I am exagerating a little bit... but it definetly looks more beige than white. And unfortunately, no, the paint was not mixed incorrectly.

Dave has convinced me to let him finish painting one coat on all of the walls in hopes that it will "tone down" once it is not being viewed against the pure white primer. However I have already begun scouring the paint deck looking for an alternate solution for my dream of beautiful crisp clean white walls.


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