Tuesday, January 18, 2011


For the sake of warmth and noise-reduction, we are still leaning towards carpet on the second floor despite uncovering beautifil hardwood floors under the old carpet.

I thought picking out door hardware and lighting was a challenge but I think picking out carpet is turing out to be the biggest challenge yet. Who new there were so many choices in carpet?

Loop, frieze, twisted, textured, patterned, nylon, polyester, wool...
And then there is the thousands of colours...

With two dogs and two cats, durability and stain resistance are the most important factors for us. Every company claims that their fantastic petrochemical cocktail will resist wear and stains for 20 years but does that mean anything to two hyperactive dirt-loving Weims?

Most of it is just backed up by lengthy warranty documents but Mohawk actually tested their Smartstrand technology with a 2,800 pound black rhinoceros named Ricko (as well as a giraffe, elephant and camel)...

Mohawk Smartstrand Challenge

Now maybe that carpet actually stands a chance in our house!



  1. We have that stuff in our house and it's fantastic so far. Only been about a year, but no packing, wear or stains have staid with our 2 year old.


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