Monday, October 25, 2010

All Empty

One week later and the house is completely bare. No drywall, no carpet, no insulation, no lights. Only half the walls are still standing.

 living room

 living room and dining room

 spare bedroom and office

 upstairs hall and master bedroom

There was one pleasant surprise in all of the mess... the upstairs had hardwood hiding under the hideous blue dot carpet. It is in good condition in all of the rooms, except for being painted pink in the office, but the hallway has a few bad boards.

We had intended to install new carpet upstairs but now we are toying with the idea of re-finishing the hardwood to match the new walnut floors that will be installed downstairs. I have never lived with hardwood in a bedroom before and am a little uncertain I will like it. There would be some patching required in the hall but it is hard to justify covering beautiful wood floors.

This one might come down to a coin toss...



  1. our house has hardwood throughout including the bedrooms and we like the look of it a lot. We have a nice shaggy area rug in our bedroom though.


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