Saturday, November 13, 2010

Progress - Day 28

Things did not progress as well as we hoped this week.

On the positive side, we managed to get the majority of the interior walls framed. Although we are not actually changing the floor plan of the house, there were several minor "tweeks" we wanted to make which correlated to re-framing all but the bathroom walls upstairs. We increased the size of the master bedroom by 8" to make more room for closets, shrunk the linen closet to make more room for the master bedroom door, moved the spare room door so it didn't interfere with the closets and opened up the doorway to the office.

Downstairs, we removed the dividing archway between the living room and dining room and opened up the doorway from the hallway into the dining room. We also had to re-frame the hall walls to make room for the new ductwork for the bedrooms.

We also got the first half of our electrical service upgrade done. On Thursday, the electrician installed the new electrical panel and roughed in the new mast to move the electrical service. On Tuesday the city will inspect the panel and mast and then on Wednesday hopefully Enmax will be able to move the wires off of the fascia on the back of the house where they are on the verge of pulling off the side of the house.

Now for the bad news...

The excitement of finally finding a HVAC person within our budget who was willing to install the furnace on Thursday was quickly extinguished when Wednesday night we didn't actually have the furnace for him to install. The furnace is supposed to arrive this week, so hopefully our furnace will be installed next weekend.

The biggest set back this week as our windows.

Jeld-wen and Home Depot originally promised us it would take no longer than six weeks to replace the windows that were built incorrectly. This week, being the sixth week, we were quite concerned when no one had contacted us to update us on the delivery date. After countless phone calls, several trips to the store and talking to a long list of people at both Home Depot and Jeld-wen, we finally found out our windows are scheduled to be delivered January 15th. Yes, January 15, 2011.

Needless to say, Dave was not impressed that six weeks had become 4 months. So after several more phone calls and trips to the store, he was put in contact with the Western Regional Manager of Home Depot who was going to talk directly to the owner of Jeld-wen to get us moved up in the production schedule. We should hopefully hear back this week. I am definitely not holding my breath...


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