Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kitchen Part I

In the summer of 2008, we undertook our biggest project to date - the kitchen. We had no intention of starting a renovation immediately following our wedding but ended up jumping in feet first following an attempted house break-in.

What does an attempted break-in have to do with a kitchen renovation you ask?

While Dave was away for a ski vacation, I had spent a night at my parents house and returned home to find that someone had attempted to break into our house and left our back door broken. Wanting to surprise Dave with my ability to handle things on my own, I bought and installed a new back door. When Dave returned home, although impressed that I had fixed it without him, he prompty decided he hated the new back door. One decision lead to another and next thing we knew we had commited ourselves to demolishing the back porch, relocating the back door I had just installed to a new shed we would build, installing new french doors in the kitchen where the entrance to the porch previously was and completely re-arranging the kitchen to accomodate the new doors.

Suddenly we went from a $300 back door to a $30,000 renovation...

The best way to describe the original kitchen was just that - original. The design featured a "z" shaped counter, corner sink and appliances crammed into every available inch. It was the most inefficient kitchen layout ever conceived. There was only a indirect view into the backyard and in order to get to the backyard, you had to pass through a dark, damp, mouldy porch. Unfortunately, I do not have any good "before" pictures.

We began the renovation by tearing down the old porch and tearing open the back of the house to install the new french doors.

At this point, Dave managed to break his ankle falling off the deck while holding a sheet of plywood and the project ground to a halt. We had to live with a large opening in the back of the house for several weeks while Dave recovered. Did I mention that is was September?

Thankfully he recovered quickly and we were able to get the house house closed up before the weather turned cold. 

Then our focus turned to the inside of the house. 

To be continued...


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