Friday, November 12, 2010

Kitchen Part II

Once the house no longer had gapping holes to the outdoors, we starting to work on making gapping holes on the side. In order to accommodate the new kitchen layout, we had to move the basement door, and add a recess between the bathroom and basement door for a "built-in" fridge. We also chose to open up the passage between the dining room and kitchen to make the kitchen seem less disconnected from the rest of the main floor.

Once the walls were framed and electrical installed, we were finally able to insulate. Just in time too - at this point it was now the end of October.

We chose to use a 2-lb closed cell spray foam insulation since our exterior wall studs are only 4" deep compared to the 6" studs which are used today. With only 4" of foam we were still able to get R24 insulation as well as a completely quiet, draft-free kitchen. A major improvement!

Photos Courtesy of SprayMasters

At this point we were ready to drywall so Dave and I rewarded ourselves with a belated honeymoon in Japan!

To be continued...


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