Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Floor Plans

I am sure anyone who has not visited our house is having a hard time following all of the minor changes we are making so I have put together floor plans.

On the main floor we are only making two small changes - removing the wall between the living room and dining room and expanding the entrance to the dining room.

Main Floor After
Main Floor Before

 On the second floor we are making several small changes - expaning the master bedroom by 8", shrinking the linen closet, moving the spare bedroom door and opening up the entrance to the office.

Second Floor After

Second Floor Before

By time we added in the walls that Dave determined to be "too wobbly", it turned out we re-built all the interior walls but four. If we had known we were going to be doing so much re-framing we would have put more effort into dramatically changing the floor plan. Unfortunately, the chimney and bathroom plumbing prevented any easy changes to the floor plan.


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