Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Looking Back on 2012

The past two New Years (2010 and 2011), I have taken the time to look back at what we accomplished over the previous twelve months. 

This year looking back was actually a little depressing... compared to the previous years, it feels like we did not accomplish much in 2012... Don't get me wrong, 2012 was a great year. Maybe the previous two years just set the bar too high...

Nonetheless, we are definitely looking forward to possibilities that 2013 has to offer.


In January, we started work on the living room trim. Which is actually not done twelve months later...


In February, we had the high of Dave's first ski mountaineering race at the Coldsmoke Festival in Nelson and the low of the failed electrical inspection. No, we have not yet finished replacing all of the sockets or repeated the electrical inspection...


In March, we finally began to unpack after being moved back into the house for 487 days.


In April, Dave escaped to the spectacular Icefall Lodge for some backcountry skiing.

And, we started work on the built-in desk and shelves in the office... which still are not done...

Are you beginning to see the trend?


We celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary by heading back to Vancouver Island where Scout's mysterious sickness prevented us from hiking the Juan de Fuca Trail.


Returning from the West Coast early, motivated us to start landscaping our yard in June. In three weeks of intense work we managed to complete the french drain system, rough-in a irrigation system, build new raised flower beds and pour a new concrete patio.


In July, the exterior work continued. We continued our landscaping binge in the front yard and began painting the exterior windows.

Just in time for our home to be featured in a parade of century homes
centruy homes. Research in to our home's history connected it to Florence (Kinrade) Wright who was famous for standing trial for her sister's murder.

We also managed to escape for a weekend to hike the Skoki Loop.


August was a month of celebration. First pulling together all of our hard landscaping work to create a backyard oasis

Then christening it with a big barbecue in honour of Dave's 30th birthday!


The year was finally starting to pick up... and September saw us undertaking an epic adventure - we hiked our first segment of the Great Divide Trail. Over eight days we hiked more than 150 km, covering five parks and nine passes, from Upper Kananaskis Lake to the Floe Lake trail head on Highway 93.

Oh yah... and I still have not managed to blog about it...


In October, it was my turn to celebrate my 30th birthday... which we did by sneaking away for two weeks in Turkey. 

Oh yah... and I still have not managed to blog about it...

Are you beginning to see another trend?


 November managed to go by in the blink on an eye... being thrown into a new project at work consumed almost every waking moment. I honestly can't even remember this month.


Motivated by my desire to decorate fro Christmas, Dave finally managed to get back to work on the house - finishing the living room trim that he started way back in January. Hopefully this January will see the crown moulding installed.

Dave participated in his second ski mountaineering race - the Vert180 at COP. He had big plans to complete the entire ski mountaineering circuit this season but unfortunately the three heli-lodge ski trips he has booked interfere with most of the races.

The year finished off with two heavenly weeks of relaxing at home - for the first time since I can remember Dave didn't have to work on Christmas and we took full advantage of both of us having the time off to do nothing!


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