Thursday, January 31, 2013

Help Wanted

I hate to use the blog to beg... but I need everyone's help on a small task... it would mean the world to us if you could please vote for us in Tourism Tofino's Focus on Family Photo Contest!

Tofino holds a magical spot in our hearts.

We were married on the beach in Tofino surrounded by our closest family and friends.

Any time we need to truly relax and reconnect as a couple, we return to Tofino for some quality family time.

So of course when I saw Tourism Tofino's Focus on Family Photo Contest, I jumped at the chance to enter.

The photo with the most Likes will receive the 'Tofino Family Focus Getaway' including two nights accommodation, a family portrait session with Marnie Recker and much more!

Winning this contest would be the perfect opportunity for us to return to Tofino to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary this spring.

So.... please, please, please, pretty please vote for us!


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