Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January Cure: Day 8

 The second week of the January Cure has now passed. The assignments for the past week included:

Choosing a piece of art to frame was an easy task since I have a shelf full of prints and frames awaiting to be hung since we have moved back into the house.
I decided to focus on the two prints from Big Ant that I purchased for the office way back in 2011...

Now I just need to make it to IKEA to purchase frames since I have a $20 gift certificate from purchasing our Christmas tree there.

For dinner on Sunday, we chose to forgo our plans for a sushi date and I made Green Curry Steamed Mussels using a recipe from Spoon Fork Bacon instead. They were AMAZING.

Spoon Fork Bacon

And I am definitely making good progress on my project list!

  • Defrost and organize freezers
  • Tidy and purge cleaning products

  • Organize tea cupboard - just need to find an appropriately sized basket
  • Clean cabinets
  • Tidy pantry
  • Organize and purge cookbooks
  • Organize spice cupboard

Master Bedroom
  • Wash and hem curtains
  • Clean pendant lamp
  • Vacuum loft

  • Organize filing - new hanging file system and file folders purchased
  • Organize and purge cords

Spare Bedroom
  • Organize and purge wrapping supplies
  • Organize and purge craft supplies
  • Organize and purge office supplies and relocate to office
  • Organize and purge toiletries and relocate to hall closet

  • Replace broken towel hook
  • Wash walls
  • Replace shower curtains
  • Clean shower caddy

Hall Closet
  • Organize and purge linens including blanket chest
  • Organize toiletries - just need to find an appropriately sized basket


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