Monday, October 22, 2012

The List

After our mediocre performance on the "30 before 30" list, I thought I would check see if we were doing any better on the "to do" list. Surprisingly we have made some real progress!

Two years into the renovation and we are definitely down to the nitty gritty details...

"To Do"

  • Install bathroom door
  • Install trim around vent pipe in bathroom
  • Paint interior doors
  • Paint inner front door
  • Install closet doors, everywhere
  • Install door hardware, everywhere
  • Install powder room window and hardware
  • Install stair railing
  • Complete drywall in linen closet
  • Install linen closet shelves
  • Build Install office shelves
  • Paint Build office desk
  • Build spare bedroom desk
  • Paint front entrance
  • Complete front entrance bench
  • Get front door and dining room windows repaired
  • Install crown moulding on main floor
  • Install baseboard on main floor
  • Paint main floor walls and trim
  • Complete fireplace mantel
  • Install gas insert in fireplace
  • Paint windows
  • Touch-up paint, everywhere
  • Remove and replace siding, on the entire house
  • Replace eavestroughs
  • Rebuild front steps
  • Complete furnace inspection
  • Build concrete patio and sidewalk
  • Complete french drains for the eavestroughs
  • Complete raised flower beds in the front yard
  • Fix raised flower bed in back yard
  • Complete irrigation system
  • Build bike shed
  • Complete electrical inspection again
  • Fill nail holes in hardwood floors
  • Complete trim on exterior of house
  • Complete brick on front steps
  • Complete concrete edges on front steps
  • Install mail box
  • Install juliette balcony railing
  • Replace all the plugs with tamper proof plugs
  • Install return air vents
  • Install hooks in the main entrance
  • Install bathroom fixtures in powder room
  • Install blinds in spare bedroom
  • Install dining room light fixture
  • Complete shingles on roof

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