Friday, October 5, 2012

(Not) Priceless

During our recent landscaping binge, we hauled, lifted and shovelled:

4.4 tonnes of black rundle stone
6.8 tonnes of fill to the dump
1.6 tonnes of crushed gravel
0.9 tonnes of drainage rock
9.6 tonnes of concrete

No wonder our arms (and credit cards) hurt so bad!


PS. To further emphasize how heavy and expensive all this landscaping was... hauling all of the material around blew out the leaf springs on my dad's truck leaving Dave stranded on the side of Deerfoot Trail and leading to bills for a tow truck, a rental truck and new leaf springs. Ouch.

PSS. I promise this is the last post involving math!

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  1. Hello
    Everything looks great.
    We will be in the need of some landscape help. Is there anyone specific who you went with for your landscaping ?

  2. Other than our friend Dave who helped us with the concrete work, we did all of the work ourselves. We bought most of the materials from Burnco.


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