Monday, October 15, 2012

Amy @ Thirty

In honour of turning 30, I thought it would be fun to document/share 30 random facts about who I am at this point in my life...
  1. I really want a British bulldog... I would name it Ranger
  2. I would love to have a pet duck
  3. I would love to have a pet goat
  4. I would love to have a farm with an endless list of animals
  5. I live to travel
  6. If I don't have plane tickets booked for a trip in the near future, I get antsy
  7. I have a spreadsheet to plan and maximize my vacation time from work
  8. If I could jump on a plane tomorrow to any where in the world it would be to Iceland... or the Maldives... or Patagonia... or any where really
  9. My ultimate romantic dream is to have my husband whisk me away on some amazing surprise vacation that he has planned with out me knowing including getting me the time off work (hint, hint, hint)
  10. The food I am most likely to crave is cheese... but this has been waining since we have been trying to eat paleo
  11. Ironically I can not drink milk
  12. Ironically the only food I truly dislike is blue cheese
  13. I love to cook
  14. Ironically I am absolutely useless (Dave will say dangerous) with knives... and have the scars to prove it
  15. I love to bake, especially cupcakes 
  16. Ironically I don't really like sweet things... most of the time I don't eat any of my own baking
  17. I dream about owning a six burner stove
  18. I recently discovered there is such a thing as Gelato University and I want to attend
  19. I love my job as a structural engineer but dream about one day doing something more creative... wedding invitation design, a food truck or cafe, a bed and breakfast...
  20. I still wish I could be a ballerina when I grow up
  21. I am a compulsive list person (can't you tell?), it drives Dave crazy
  22. I own (and love) a label maker
  23. I am a compulsive spreadsheet person
  24. Not only do I have a spreadsheet to plan my vacation time but I also generate detailed spreadsheets to organize and plan each vacation
  25. I can not focus if things are out of order
  26. I am known at work for having a compulsively clean desk... however when life gets crazy the first thing I abandon is keeping my house clean... this does not bode well for someone who doesn't like things out of order
  27. I hate doing dishes and putting away laundry... this does not bode well for someone who doesn't like things out of order
  28. I am scared of running but will jump at the chance to do a long hike
  29. I am a book worm, I often stay up till 3AM on a work night if I am reading a book... it doesn't even need to be a good book
  30. I love all things pink but am more likely to choose blue in the end


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