Tuesday, March 13, 2012

On the Walls

In the six years we lived in the house prior to renovating, we never really had much hanging on the walls. Our ugly red/yellow/green/brown walls never inspired me to hang much beyond our most treasured pieces - like Scout - and that was more for safekeeping then anything. I kept telling myself that it was a not worth hanging pictures when one day we were going to renovate/paint/decorate for real. For six years.

Needless to say, I am super excited that we finally reached the point in the renovation where I can justify hanging things on the walls.

We decided to start with the IKEA Lillholmen Key Hook and antique vent-cover-turned-mail-slot at the front door - the same two things we had hung up in the house as soon as we moved in. Of course, Murphy's Law, Dave managed to break the wall anchor when he was installing the mail slot and we had to patch the drywall and start all over again.

For a splash of colour, I added a cute bird print I found in enrouge's etsy shop. A boring frame didn't seem to do the print justice so I mounted it on a 8" square canvas that I purchased from Michael's. I painted the edges using three shades of Martha Stewart metallic craft  - Gold, Bronze and Rust. One shade is never enough for me apparently!

The little birds are so cute and cheerful - the perfect welcome to our home - and perfectly compliment my blue door!


PS Apartment Therapy stole our mail slot idea! Well not really... but... I can dream that they did. I definitely like the copper patina on our mail slot better than the painted look.

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