Sunday, March 4, 2012


Only 487 days after we packed up our house, we finally took the last boxes out of storage in the neighbour's garage.

The best part? We have a dinning room table!

Unfortunately looks can be deceiving.... the table is actually hiding an assortment of living room decorations and random pieces of furniture that don't yet have a home. And of course Dave's work bench.

The living room still needs a lot of work. It is still missing a couple pieces of baseboard. The walls and trim still need one more coat of paint. And of course crown moulding.

The fireplace is only about half done and we have hit a snag in our soapstone plans. Turns out that in the six months since we ordered the last piece of stone, the quarry has shut down and now we don't know if we can get matching stone. We are trying to stay optimistic that Dauter Stone will be able to locate a matching remnant in their yard.

The hallway is pretty close to complete less some touch up near the front door and, again, crown moulding.

Still a long way from being *done* but it feels good to have some place to sit down to dinner again.



  1. Gorgeous.... the floors are amazing...Love the windows and the front door!! So much hard work, it must have felt great to sit at your dining room table and enjoy!

    Lesley xo


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