Sunday, May 29, 2011

Writing on the Wall

Seems like all of our progress lately is on paper... sketches of the exterior house, quotes for siding the house, sketches of the front entry wainscoting and storage bench... however we have managed to make a little progress in the front entrance.

We started by combining all of our inspiration for wainscoting into a little wall art. No better way to visualize the final product then to just draw it straight on the wall! Plus who can pass up the opportunity to do something you had been told not to your entire youth...

Drawing the wainscoting on the wall actually turned out to be quite useful - the 62" height we had initially picked out hit the windows at an awkward point in relation to the rails and stiles. So we have decided to make the wainscoting 2" taller so the top band is centered on the window rails.

From all of our inspiration for storage benches, we decided we wanted to copy the detailing on the bench we saw in the Victoria Cross show home.

Dave has made good progress on the base of the bench and is now experimenting with router bits to build the drawers. 

We are hoping to have the entry ready for paint by the end of this week. It will nice to finally have somewhere to store shoes other than in a pile in the hallway... Scout is already making good use of the bench!


PS Hop on over to Playing with Food to check out the progress in the garden (and another cute dog photo).

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