Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday at the Show Homes

Since the overcast weather overrode our gardening plans, we found ourselves spending this afternoon visiting the new Victoria Cross development on the Currie Barracks. We were sent there by a contractor to look at potential siding options for our house but couldn't resist the opportunity to take in a couple of the show homes while in the neighborhood.

Although we will not be buying one of these homes anytime soon (starting at $690k for a townhome or $860k for detached home), they did turn out to be a source of useful inspiration.

We discovered two new potential designs for the bench in our front entry - the first bench is actually the current front runner for our own bench design.

And a unique catch system for double closet doors using recessed magnets - much smarter the traditional ball or roller catch.

And of course the siding options we originally set out for.

 A very productive grey Sunday afternoon!


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