Thursday, May 5, 2011

ecoENERGY Retrofit Program Rating

In our original assessment, our house was given an EnerGuide rating of 29, mostly due to the fact that our house was almost completely uninsulated.

If we completed the list of recommended improvements, the evaluator predicted that we could improve the rating of our house from 29 to 70. We completed the follow up assesement in February and last week we received an official EnerGuide sticker stating that our house now has an EnerGuide rating of 70.

We were actually surprised that we received a rating of 70 since we did not complete all of the recommendations on the list, especially a few major items like insulating the basement (actually makes us skeptical of the validity of the whole assessment scheme beyond a federal government employment scheme...)

We still are waiting to see how much we will get back in rebates. If my dealings with the federal government at work are any indication, this weeks election will have us waiting a long time to see our cheques...


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