Friday, March 18, 2011

Refinishing the Clawfoot Tub II

Our tub is being refinished this week and the shop was nice enough to take pictures documenting the process!

First they removed the original finish and the previous failed spray coating by using a industrial chemical paint stripper.

Next they used a corrosive acid etch so the new coatings will adhere.

After the tub is etched, they sanded it one more time and applied a primer.

After the primer, the new enamel is sprayed on and baked for 48 hours. The tub is being baked as we speak!

After the new enamel is cured, they will sand and polish one more time before adding a final clear protective top coat. We are hoping to go see the tub tomorrow before they put the top coat on.

Stay tuned for the reveal of our shiney new tub!



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