Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Progress - Day 163

After working so hard to meet the carpet deadline, Dave and I completely lost steam (plus we were both obviously fighting off a bug) so this has been a slow week. We still managed to cross a couple small items off the list.

Hallway lights.

Carpet runner.

Master bedroom closet shelves.

By coincidence, the carpet installer happened to also be a tiler and when he saw the bathroom tile spread across the second floor he was willing to give us some advice on how to deal with our sloping floors. So now we are working on defying gravity and installing the wall tile from the top down. It will probably take twice as long to install all of the tile but it will guarantee the top chair rail will be straight.

Once the bathroom is back together we will be ready to move back home!



  1. i love the lights amy and the stairway with the carpet and wood. Nice closets too :)


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