Thursday, March 3, 2011

Assessing the Damage

Considering our house was without heat for almost 48 hours when it was -30 C outside, there was surprisingly little damage.

The water leaking in the kitchen turned out to be from a plastic line within the dishwasher. Now we have to go through the trouble of sourcing a replacement part but atleast it should be an easy fix.

After the initial flood from the dishwasher, we also noticed a small amount of water below the main floor bathroom. We pulled out the toilet hoping that it had simply broken the seal in the wax ring but unfortunately the toilet bowl had a microscopic crack.

Since our bathroom is not even 3' by 5', a standard 29" deep toilet won't fit and of course the 26" deep Kohler Serif toilet we originally bought had been discontinued. Thankfully we were able to buy a 27" deep Kohler Wellworth toilet (now the only round front compact toilet readily available) from Home Depot and modify it to fit the old Serif tank to keep the pull flush mechanism Dave loves so much...

Thankfully none of the plumbing lines ruptured.


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