Friday, February 25, 2011

Progress - Day 131

This post should actually be called "Reverse Progress - Day 131"...

The week began with Dave discovering a crack in the concrete base of the fireplace while trying to fix the damper before our energy audit. Instead of ignoring the crack, he proceeded to tear out the concrete base and discover a large void underneath. Instead of ignoring the void (that has probably been there for 100 years...), he proceeded to dig out the hole even further only to discover that it was as deep as the basement. Instead of calling me for advice, he decided to wait until he had dumped 12 bags of concrete into the hole.

"Honey, how much concrete can I pour before rebar is required?"

Not the phone call you want to get at work when your husband is supposed to be at home installing baseboards!

Then today Dave returned to the house to discover that he forgot to turn on the furnace after the energy audit. The thermostat was reading 0 C and all of the plumbing was frozen solid. Once the plumbing started to thaw, the hot water line in the kitchen began dumping water all over the basement.

The basement that is currently packed to the rafters with 600 square feet of hardwood flooring, hundred of pounds of marble tile and half of our belongings.

Thankfully (so far) we were able to dry everything out and there is minimal damage. Tomorrow we will find out the full extent of the damage once the rest of the plumbing thaws...



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