Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Progress - Day 114

Almost feels life we haven't made any progress in the past two weeks. Our energy seems to be wrapped up in everything but the house right now.

Dave was approached about a flight nursing position in Yellowknife. The interviewing, waiting, debating and then ultimately the hard decision to pass on the opportunity consumed a lot of our energy. What ever little energy we have had left was devoted to our cat Luci who reached the end of her battle with cancer today.

None the less - we have been getting stuff done - slowly.

The chimney in the office is now complete and looks fantastic. I am happy with how well the blue compliments the brick. (I apologize for the mid-project pictures, the camera got forgotten at the house)

The IKEA Pax closets are installed in the master bedroom. I am already dreaming of all the fantastic components I can buy...

After a week of noxious paint fumes and hand cramps, the stairs and fireplace are coming along. Still along way to go...

We are hoping to escape to the mountains skiing this weekend - hopefully a little sunshine and fresh air will give us the energy we need to tackle the renovation whole-heartedly again next week.


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