Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ecoENERGY Retrofit Program Update

With the installation of the blown insulation in the attic, we have completed all of the items for our ecoEnergy Retrofit.

Here is an update of the work we have done for the program:

Replace furnace with 95% high efficiency furnace 
Cost: $2,500 $1980 for the furnace, $800 for the installation and new ductwork            
Estimated Rebate: $650 + $600 provincial rebate

Replace hot water tank with instant hot water system:
Cost: $1,300 (We actually installed this in 2007 but the evaluator was kind enought to give us credit)           
Estimated Rebate: $315

Insulate walls (spray foam):   
Cost: $5,000 $4,155                  
Estimated Rebate: $1,815

Insulate attic and cathedral ceiling 
(blown fiberglass, spray foam):   
Cost: $4,000 $1,650 for spray foam, $320 for blown fibreglass                    
Estimated Rebate: $750

Install new EnergyStar windows and doors:
Cost: $25,000   $7,526 for windows, $6,872 for doors
(Half of the windows and doors were installed in 2008 but again the evaluator gave us credit)         
Rebate: $480

Improve air seal (spray foam, new windows & doors):
Cost: $0 (Included in items above)              
Estimated Rebate: $190

Install low flow toilets:
Cost: $500 (Installed in 2006 and 2008)                      
Estimated Rebate: $130

For the time being we have decided to forego the rebate for the basement insulation simply because we have too much on our plate (and in the basement) with the remainder of the renovation on going. We will be keeping it on our future "to-do" list since even without the rebate it will be worth our while to complete.

We have booked the evaluator from ATCO EnergySense to return to complete the follow-up evaluation today.

Then we will find out how much our work has actually improved the energy efficiency of our home, what our new Energuide Rating is and how much we will get back in rebates. Should be interesting to see if we achieve the Energuide Rating of 70 that was predicited in our first evaluation!


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