Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hilda Lodge

Are you sick of ski posts yet? Thankfully this is the last one.

After the Discovery Lodge and Assiniboine Lodge trips, Dave managed to stay home a whole week before flying off once again. This time to Hilda Lodge in the Valkyr Range near Nakusp, BC.

The terrain around Hilda is quite committing so I was more nervous than normal about Dave heading out on this trip. This lodge also had WIFI which allowed Dave to Skype me every night. I am not sure if this hindered or helped... it was almost worse worrying about whether or not I would hear from him every night as opposed to knowing that no news is good news.

Unfortunately on the second day of skiing, Dave hit a rock while skiing and suffered a small fracture on his ankle. He managed to hold out for the remainder of the week, even continuing to ski to as often as he could fit his swollen ankle into his ski boot.

Despite the injury, he still managed to have a fantastic trip. Unfortunately the injury pretty much marks the end of this years ski season.

A week after this trip we moved on to something completely different then skiing...


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