Thursday, May 30, 2013

Broken Island Group

We didn't realize it when we booked the trip to Belize so it was almost serendipitous that we chose a kayak trip to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary considering the last kayak trip we had been on was immediately following our wedding in Tofino.

We had been talking about doing a kayak trip with Dave's family for years and since our wedding forced everyone to be on Vancouver Island at the same time, we took full advantage and planned a three day trip into the Broken Island Group off of Ucluelet for the four days after the wedding.

Our friends Lana, Eric and Yuko also decide to join in our adventure, giving us a group of nine.

Yes, we essentially shared our honeymoon with seven other people... but we knew we would never get another good opportunity to do a kayak trip with this group of people.

(Besides, we consider our trip to Japan our official honeymoon.)

Loading the boats

Alot of paddles

Rocking the spray skirt

Ready to hit the water

Seal pup

Yuko and Eric preparing Japanese curry

Banana boats

White sand beaches!

Almost like Fiji ...

"Swiss Family Robinson" Outhouse

Today marks our fifth wedding anniversary. After five years, we still are each others best and closest friend. We are still each others first choice for sharing an adventure. We are still each others soul mate.

I am looking forwarding to sharing the next five years of adventures with Dave.


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