Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Productive Long Weekend

Since high levels of snow and water in the mountains made a backcountry trip undesirable, we used the Canada Day long weekend to tackle the landscaping in the front yard. 

We had finished the concrete steps and sidewalk last year but there were still large holes and forest of weeds were there should have been flower beds.

We began by digging in french drains for the downspouts - the same as we did in the back yard.

We plan to replace the two downspouts on either side of the front porch with rain chains so we connected the french drains to pots the rain chains can drain into. We concreted the pots into place to make sure they are good and sturdy. Then we concreted a floor drain into the bottom of the pot.

Next we pulled out all of the weeds, dug out the construction debris and set to work stacking stones.

Four days of hard labour later, we had beautiful raised rundle stone flower beds.

Our house is finally beginning to look like a home and not a construction site.



Now I just need some plants...



  1. looking really good you guys! we stumbled upon 'rain chains' in a store this weekend and thought we'd suggest it to you. but now i see you already have it in your plan :-)

  2. Thanks Crystal! Where did you see them? We still have not been able to find an appropriate chain.


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