Friday, July 20, 2012

Mail Box is in the Mail!

After a lot of hemming and hawing (and a lot of general procrastination...) we finally got around to ordering a mail box!

In the end we decided to be brave and go with a glass mail box like the one I spotted on Pinterest.

Via Pinterest

I scoured the Internet trying to find one for a reasonable price that would ship to Canada... Why is everyone so afraid of shipping to Canada?

Eventually I found one on eBay for $26... unfortunately shipping to Canada was $45. Ouch.

Why does anyone who does ship to Canada see it as justification for highway robbery?!!?

Via Lucky Rare Finds
However as I continued to shop around, I realized that anything beyond a basic mail was going to cost at least $60 from Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware or even Home Depot.
All the sudden, $71 didn't seem so bad for such a unique mail box so we broke down and ordered it.

It still does not mean that I approve of charging an arm and a leg for shipping to Canada. After all Calgary is no further from North Carolina than Los Angeles!


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