Monday, May 14, 2012

Master Bedroom Inspiration

I have been working on a mood board for the master bed room for a long time... a year ago I was set on a yellow and grey colour scheme but now I am completely indescive... jumping from bold to pastel, swinging from serene to eclectic and rotating through every colour scheme under the rainbow.

serene monochromatic purple and taupe

Via Elle Decor

Via Michaela Noelle Designs

soft purples, blues, greens and yellows

Via Caitlin Creer

Via Kerrisdale Design

bright cheerful patterns

Via Opal Design Group


Via Decorology

Avatar Homes Model contemporary bedroom
Via Houzz



  1. Oh, I hear you! I am so indecisive. I think I like waaaay to many things. LOL. Maybe it's an "Amy" thing.
    But I'm loving your inspiration shots. So pretty. I don't think you could go wrong with anyone of those.


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