Thursday, May 24, 2012

Glimpse Into The Past

Recently we had a stack of filers for a local real estate agent show up in our mail box. The filers feature photos of different houses in the neighborhood at various periods in the past.

The next day a fifth filer showed up in our mail box... I am guessing it was dropped off by a thoughtful neighbour.

Recognize the house?

That is our house circa 1975! I have always wanted to find a photo of our house in its original state and luck would have it that one magically shows up in our mail box.

What a difference 37 years make.




I am happy to see that we have managed to restore a lot of the original character with our renovations. We were able to match the styles in the windows and the details in the siding.

I would still love to find an original photo of our house when it was built in 1912.


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