Sunday, January 1, 2012

Looking Back at 2011

Is it really 2012?

2011 seems to have passed a blink of the eye! I guess that is what happens when you are busy renovating your house.


The last of our windows arrived after 9 months of waiting (and fighting with Home Depot and Jeldwen). The drywall was taped allowing us to move on to painting. After 100 days of renovating, we had officially moved on to the finishing portion!


We sailed right along with the finishing work - installing closets and interior doors, applying faux brick to the chimney in the office and insulating the attic.


The house finally began to look like a home - we installed carpet, trim and lights, painted "wallpaper" in the master bedroom and sent the clawfoot tub off to be refinished.


April was a big month. We installed the bathroom tile and bathroom fixtures. Most importantly we moved home! Then we rewarded ourselves by booking flights to Nepal for the fall.


Once we moved home, our focus shifted to the main floor where we installed tile and trim in the front entry.


After a batch of defective wood, we managed to get the hardwood floors installed on the main floor.


With the arrival of summer, progress on the renovation slowed. We did manage to install the soapstone hearth for the fireplace. We celebrated Canada Day by hiking into Ribbon Creek (in the snow of course). I hosted a baby shower for my good friend Shauna.


We took a trip to Waterton for the August long weekend and then Dave took off for a three week adventure in the Yukon. At home, we began work on the outside of the house by removing all of the old siding.


We had a new gas fireplace installed and began installing the new siding on the outside of the house. Then we granted ourselves an extra long weekend with a hiking trip into Berg Lake and Mount Robson.



Taking advantage of the good fall weather we poured new concrete steps on the front of the house and fit in one last hiking trip to the Larch Valley. After two long months, the siding was finally completed.

And most exciting of all... we took off on our trip to Nepal and India!


By far the most anticipated and memorable month of the year - we spent the entire month travelling through India and Nepal. We checked two items off the bucket list: see the Taj Mahal and complete a trek in Nepal.


December was a month of recovery and celebrating with family and friends. And slowly getting ourselves back into the renovating spirit so we can tackle the few remaining tasks with renewed energy in the New Year.

2011 was definitely an eventful year for us and we can't wait to see what 2012 has in store - hopefully a finished house!

Wishing you all the best in 2012.

Amy and David

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