Thursday, January 12, 2012

Contractor Review: SprayMasters

We have been fortunate enough to find some fantastic contractors to help on our house (knock on wood) and thought we would summarize our experiences in a series of contractor reviews to help out those who are looking to hire contrators for their own projects. First up - the contractor who completed the spray foam insulation -SprayMasters.

We have now hired Spray Masters twice - first for our kitchen in 2008 and then again for the remainder of the house in 2010 - both times we have been very happy with their work.

In both cases they installed a 2-lb closed cell spray foam insulation product. They did change foam products between our kitchen and the rest of the house but we notcied no difference other than colour. Currently they are installing Walltite ECO from BASF which is the product promoted by Mike Holmes.

They are extremely knowledgeable about their service and were able to work with us to achieve the desired R-value despite the fact that our 100 year-old home does not have the same wall thicknesses as a modern home.  

They deserve extra credit for having the patience to deal with David who constantly followed behind them and marked all the areas he felt were too low and need to be refilled.

We would be happy to recommend SprayMasters to any one looking to do spray foam insulation in their home.



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