Monday, October 3, 2011

Playing with Concrete

This weekend we poured the concrete for the new front steps and sidewalk! You know you are a structural-engineer-nerd (me) and a home-renovation-enthusiast (me and Dave) when having a concrete truck show up at your house makes for a very exciting weekend.

Saturday we (well mostly our our friend Dave, who happens to be a very talented concrete foreman) formed the patio, steps and sidewalk. Again with my structural-engineer-nerd tendencies, we even put in a little (a lot) of reinforcing steel. Properly chaired and tied none-the-less!

Then Sunday morning, much to the chagrin of our neighbours, the concrete truck arrived bright and early.

Thankfully he was able to *just* squeeze by the pallets of siding in our front yard to back the truck right up to the house.

This meant we were able to pour the entire patio and sidewalk without a single wheelbarrow!

And our wheelbarrow crew mostly got to sit back and watch .

Before we knew it we had beautiful fresh concrete.

Once the concrete began to set, we applied the stain and stamped a rundle stone pattern into the concrete.

 The stain was in the form of a charcoal grey dust - just a little messy...

Now we wait... the stain has to absorb for four days before we wash it off to reveal the final product.


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