Tuesday, October 4, 2011

One Tiny Peice of Glass, One Giant Headache

Whenever he has had a spare moment, Dave has been working refinishing the door between the entry and the hallway. We believe it to be the original front door to the house.

The combination of square and round trim around the glass panels bugged David so he decided to pull out the few pieces of round trim and replace them with square trim. Unfortunately, in the process he accidentally dropped the hammer on one of the glass panels...

The piece was a 4" triangle with a 1" bevel on all three sides. No problem right? Just call the glass store and order a replacement!

That is what we thought... until we called every glass store in the city only to find out that the modern bevelling machines can not handle a piece of glass that small. OK... so we started to call stain glass artists... nope, none of them can do a bevel to match the original dimensions...

After hours of searching the Internet for a solution Dave finally found someone in California who was willing to try experimenting with HAND SANDING the glass to recreate the broken piece. He had no idea if it was possible, but out of personal curiosity, he was willing to try it for us.

Sure enough he was able to do it (thankfully without loosing any fingers in the process) and last week we received a beautiful new piece of glass in the mail.

So with the replacement glass in place, we can finally start repainting the door.

Good thing too... because our front entrance is not heated... or well insulated... and it is starting to get cold out!


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