Saturday, September 3, 2011


It seems like we have been planning it forever but our trip to Nepal and India is starting to sneak up on us... this week we finally nailed down our basic itinerary and booked the last flights.

Day 1 to 3: Fly from Calgary to Vancouver to Beijing to Delhi to Kathmandu... 
a measly 35 hours of travelling

Day 4: Kathmandu

Day 5: 7 hour bus ride to Western Nepal

Day 6 to 26: Trekking through the remote villages of the Annapurna or Manaslu regions...
we will pick when we get there depending on our ability to get permits

Day 27: Pokhara

Day 28: 7 hour bus ride back to Kathmandu

Day 29: Kathmandu

Day 30: Fly Kathmandu to Delhi

Day 31: Delhi

Day 32: Agra and the Taj Mahal

Day 33 and 34: Jaipur

Day 35 and 36: Undecided... possibly Ranakpur, Varanasi...

Day 37: Back to Delhi

Day 38: Fly all the way back home... 
thankfully it will only take 24 hours to make the return trip

I am already counting down the days!


PS Can anyone recommend a good hotel in Delhi?

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