Thursday, September 1, 2011

Another Canada Post Rant

This past week we have been receiving a lot of mail intended for the house next door. Today, in addition to several letters addressed to the neighbour, we received a note from the postman asking us to please put house numbers up on our house...

First - can he not see that we are in the middle of replacing the siding? Where does he proposed we put the house numbers? Most of our house is bare sheathing right now. Our mail box is currently sitting in the flower pot on the front step!

Second - can he really not keep count in the ten steps between our front door and the front door of the house before us? It is pretty straight forward... 1626, 1628, 1630...




  1. in our area with all the new houses since no one has there numbers up yet people just write the number on a paper and stick it in your window.


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