Thursday, July 28, 2011

Three Cheers

If I find a product/company I love, I let everyone know. If I find a product/company I don't love, I definetly let everyone know. It always makes me happier when it is the later situation and I am happy to have one to share!

I have always loved my Kohler products (bathroom pedestal, two toilets, kitchen faucet, kitchen sink and powder room faucet) for their appearance but this week, I was once again reminded of their fantastic customer service.

When Dave froze the plumbing in the house, it cracked the aerator in our kitchen faucet. We had been living without it since then but this week I finally decided to cross it off the "to-do" list. I tried to find a replacement aerator at Home Depot but they only carried Moen parts and I was not certain they would be compatible with our Kohler faucet (how come it seems there is never a Home Depot associate around when you need one but when you are just browsing you have to fight them off like flies...) so I called the Kohler service number to order the proper aerator fully expecting to pay $13.50 for the aerator and $7.95 (or more) for shipping because that was the price listed on their parts website.

I gave the customer service agent the model number, make, finish, etc and explained that our aerator is cracked. He didn't ask why it was cracked, he didn't ask if we had done anything that might count as voiding the warranty, he didn't ask for my credit card number. He simply asked if the faucet was leaking, reiterated that Kohler products are guaranteed to be leak free for the life of the product, apologized that it will take two weeks for the aerator to be shipped from the US and wished me a good day.
We had a similar experience with their costumer service when we tried to order new cartridges a year ago - Kohler products are definitely worth the extra money!


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