Thursday, July 7, 2011

Long Weekend Adventures & Misadventures

David and I managed to escape the city for our first backcountry adventure of the summer. We headed out to Kananaskis and hiked the loop to Ribbon Lake, over Guinn's Pass and out the Galatea Trail. Aside from the rain/ice storm that happened to hit exactly as we were making the climb over Guinn's Pass, it was a spectacular trip.

We didn't completely manage to escape the renovation though.

We attempted to install the soapstone hearth in front of the fireplace. However first we had to bring the concrete inside the fireplace up to be level with the new hardwood.

Unfortunately we dismissed the advice of the Home Depot employee who recommended that we caulk the perimeter of the area before we poured the levelling cement. Now all of our Christmas ornaments - that were stored in the basement immediately below the fireplace - are encased in concrete.

Lesson learnt.


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