Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Short Lived Excitement

All of our excitement over the progress on the hardwood floors came to a screeching halt yesterday.

When we bought our hardwood flooring almost a year ago, we managed to get a fantastic deal (half price) on a product that was promised to be an exact match to the walnut flooring we bought for the kitchen two years earlier. But apparently that deal was too good to be true.

The hardwood is a perfect match to the kitchen hardwood in colour and wood quality, however once we started to install it, we quickly discovered there is a reason it was so much cheaper. Each board will vary up to 5 mm in width, sometimes even from one end of the board to the other.

When you are trying to achieve a hardwood floor without gaps - 5 mm is a BIG deal.

Dave thought he could work with the discrepancies, measuring and sorting each board by width to generate even rows. But after a week of fighting, he decided yesterday he had had enough and today all seven remaining boxes are being returned to the store.

Thankfully the store quickly agreed that it is unacceptable quality in hardwood flooring and has offered to fully refund the full price of the hardwood and to force the supplier to replace the product with something of an acceptable quality. 

Unfortunately it means all progress in the living room and dining room is on hold until we get the flooring resolved...



  1. What a pain in the arse. Sorry to hear things are being delayed :(


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